A Paperless Office

Whether it’s collecting rents, billing back utility charges, signing leases and renewals, or fielding maintenance requests, our team’s first priority is introducing our online portal to our new residents and training them to utilize and see all the benefits that paperless tenancy has to offer. For our clients, these services have the end results of higher customer satisfaction and timelier payments of rents. Financials and rent rolls are made easily accessible to our Clients as well through our secure client login page while owner statements are emailed monthly.

Proactive and Attentive Maintenance Services

Nexus Real Estate and Brokerage implements a unique patrol scanning software whereby our staff routinely monitors and inspects all properties. Our preventative maintenance checklists ensure that we identify and address building issues early to avoid the costly mistakes that arise in the business.

Our approach creates a tremendous cost savings to our clients by performing most day to day maintenance in-house, avoiding the need for costly third-party contractors and vendors. We have implemented automated surveying of our residents to ensure they’re receiving timely and quality service from our team.

Capital Improvements

While closely monitoring our client’s properties, we routinely advise on needed improvements from deteriorating exterior conditions to ways to optimize rents through other cosmetic improvements determined through a routine market comp study for all of our clients.